Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day #8

Luke 24:45-49, Acts 1:1-8, Ephesians 5:18 Be Filled with the Spirit. Goes along with yesterday, in order to be filled with the Spirit you need to be empty of the ugly stuff. I find it interesting for some reason that before Jesus returned to Heaven, he told His followers to wait for the filling of the Holy Spirit. It was 40 days later before they were filled. I don't know why it intrigues me, but they weren't filled immediately, but 40 days later. Another interesting verse I found in this days devotion, 2 Chronicles 16:9 "The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to show Himself strong for those whose hearts are completely His." Now I just recently read through the entire books of Chronicles and I don't remember this. But that doesn't surprise me a bit. When I read the personal questions in this day's readings I'm to ask myself if I'm empty or not and to ask God to cleanse me and the Spirit to fill me. I want this so bad, but I ashamed to say I do hesitate. Not because I don't want to do Gods work, oh no. I really do, my heart’s desire is to. It's because I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if I open up and expose my heart that I'll be smacked upside the head and then I'll close up and layer another layer of armor over my heart. I say this because it's happened before and I'm just not strong enough to handle the enemy. So I'm taking a huge breath and asking God to take all of me, cleanse me squeaky clean, Overflow me with the Holy Spirit, and then hold on to me tight! Pull me through the smuck, the uglies, over to the other side where it's peaceful, incomparable, and where nothing else matters but your Glory! Be with and in me so I will respond to others in words, actions, attitude, and spirit that's without guilt, swaying, nor second thoughts, but know that it's all from you, not me, not satan, but you! Breathe...thank you Lord! I give you all the praise and Glory!

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