Friday, August 12, 2016

God is Awesome!

 When something goes the way we want it to, when God provides, when God produces one of His countless miracles, when God Shows up, we say Praise God! Thank you God! God is awesome! And we should!! But I want to be careful to Praise God even in midst of the ordinary. I want to Thank God even when things are rough. I want to say God is Awesome even when I'm in the midst of a disaster. I want to give God the Glory in ALL things even when I don't feel like it. Because God is Holy! God is all these things even if I don't feel it or even think it. So when something good happens and I say Praise God! Thank you God!! I'm so excited and am giving Him the Glory!! But remember, I'm saying these things daily, even on the hardest days! Because God is God! God is Holy! Praise His Name!! And guess what??? He blessed me with a job! Yes!! Keep posted and you'll learn more about the mystery!

God is Good! God is Holy! In ALL things God is God!