Saturday, February 23, 2013

Second Deadline met!

Yes! My second writing deadline is met. Still very rough, but now six chapters have been written for my second book...JVR the Novel. Half way finished. It's so fun! The other day I had fun creating a whole new character, just came to me and I couldn't write fast enough. So, since I met my deadline of February 28, I'll try to determine the next one. How about a month per chapter? Let's make May 30, 2013 the next deadline for the next three chapters. So by May 30 3/4 of this book will be complete.

It's so exciting that the first Novel I wrote is a finalist in the CrossBooks contest! The prize? It'll be published! YES! If that happens the proceeds will be used to publish the book I'm working on now. The ministry God gave me details to over 10 years ago! Not only will it have life, it'll be shared all over the US, possibly the world! God is in control! This is God's ministry and He knows all the details! JVR in communities all over the world! WOW! What a GOD THING! Yes? There's no way I could do any of this myself. Even if The Story of a Teenaged Dyslexic doesn't win, it's crossing many desks, being read by many people. And every book that I write, that God allows me to write, will share the truth of Jesus as Savior! This will share God's truth of salvation with more people than I could even imagine. So cool!

And I have three more books, at least, waiting in my little brain to be written! Cool! My mom asked how I could come up with so many much to write about. Well, when I think about it, it’s almost enjoy dreaming up characters and making them come alive! It's like a whole set new friends, family. Yes, I'm a nerd! lol

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Negative people in Your Life

Yes, I know there will always be negative people in our life. I tell my children this all the time. But it doesn't make it any easier to deal with them.
When your teeth clench tight, your blood starts to boil, your easy going spirit turns wild with bitterness every time you see this person’s name on the caller id, or their email that graces your inbox…well...that’s just not right!

I attended a class today requested by my work. "Exceptional Customer Service" This was a great class and I learned many great things. I even put together an action plan for my job and a training outline to teach my coworkers. But the most meaningful lesson I learned was how to handle difficult people.

Several things came up. Like stay away from negative people. Avoid angry people. Just don't hang around with somebody who brings you down. Ha! Easier said than done. And I would love to do just that. But what if your circumstances won't allow that? And the concept that 85% of our behavior comes from what we think about our self and only 15% comes from reacting to someone else words or actions, hmmm. And then there’s the saying that anger can harm you physically. Oh, and then there’s the thing that we can't control the other person, but we can control how we react. Yes, I know all that!  What can a person do? UGH!!!

Well, I learned and put into an action plan several good things. Actually it's nothing new, just a new look.
First I'll say out loud every morning..."I am a child of God!"

Then I will read at least one scripture, even if I'm not able to do my quiet time.

I also will write what God is saying to me.

Before I go to bed each night I will think over the day and write down two things I'm thankful for. If I start a journal just for that, in a year I'll have 730 things I'm thankful for!

When I get down or frustrated I need to remember to listen to my music. I listen to KLove mostly, or similar music. AHHHH, maybe that will work!

Well, I already feel better. How about you? Do you have a person like this in your life? Or is it just me?