Saturday, August 30, 2014

God shows personal favoritism to no man...

Galatians 2:6 Christian Leaders will disappoint us. They are human. Humans are sinful. But...unfortunately Christian Leaders sinful actions bring people down harder and faster. The old saying, 'the taller they are, the harder they fall.' is very meaningful in more ways than one. As a Christian Leader, professing Christian, we represent Christ. People are watching, and satan is aggravating. What better tool does satan have than to let a Christian Leader fall. To  have a Christian family fall apart. We must pray for our leaders, their families, their daily decisions, their spiritual life's. We must pray for our self, our family relationships, our spiritual health. I'm talking to myself, daily I see things, think things. Some encouraging, some not so much. I see Christian Leaders that make me so angry by their actions, words. But, as fast as I get discouraged by this, God reminds me that I too am an example to others, what I say, what I do.

Today I was encouraged at the grocery store by a lady who walked in front of me to get some cans off the shelf. She had some difficulty moving and apologized for herself. I just waited and said, your good, your good. What she said next startled me. She said, "I'm glad to hear that. Am I good to be in so much pain day after day?" I felt bad and apologized. Then she continued, "But it is all good, all is covered by the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." I agreed and said yes. She then said, "Then we are in agreement with that!" She moved on down the isle. I was in a shock, but a good shock. It was then I realized, people are all around us. We make a difference no matter what we do, where we are, who we are. What difference do I want to make? Do I represent Christ in EVERYTHING I do and say? You are a HOLY GOD! Thank you for showing me this today!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

See out of your Spiritual Eyes

2 Corinthians 10

It's a spiritual world out there! People are not who they appear to be. Another reason we should be daily in the word and always in prayer. Our human eyes miss so much and mix that with our feelings, we're in trouble. The other night I had one if my moments. Not sure what they are, but I've had them all my life. They are random  and come out of nowhere. Fortunately they only last a night or day. I've not always handled them correctly mostly becouse I focus on my feelings and what I think is real. I just shut down. Literally. I've been in a store before with a cart full of groceries and had to leave the full basket where it was and go home, immediately.  The other night I was in the middle of making dinner when this happened. I had to stop and go to bed. Couldn't think, function, nothing. I wanted to scream and feel sorry for myself...but the Holy Spirit comforted me. The next morning I was back. My wonderful husband and daughter filled in the gaps for me. Even though they didn't know what was going on. I'm saying all this just to say God is Holy! God is Awsome!! I would not be who I am without Him! I can't imagine living in this world without Him! Letting the Holy Spirit live inside you doesn't stop the worldly stuff from happening. It comforts and supports you when it does.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Move forward in the Holy Spirit with Urgency

2 Corinthians 8

This chapter speaks to me to have an urgent passion to finish JVR the Novel. The book is written, now I'm workig in the hard stuff, editing and preparing it for publishing. I would much rather be starting my next novel and actually starting the ministry JVR. But, this is not what I feel God is leading me to do. V8-15 speaks a hard concept. As hard as it is to share the abundance we have, I think I have a harder time with the accepting in my lack. However, these verses practiced the way God intended them to be practiced would get His work done quicker and completely. So, v 15. I will wait on the Holy Spirit to guide me and dig into Gods word to hear what God is saying, not what I want to hear. Why is this so hard? 

I was able to excercise Last night and work on the novel. One step at a time. Praise our Holy God! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Give no offense to anything that our ministry may not be blamed.

2  Corinthians 6:3 what a tall order! In today's society, seemingly being harder than ever, darts thrown at known and professed Christians and Christ based businesses, this is a true challenge. We, Christians have quite a burden on our shoulders. We can not possibly handle this alone. And unfortunately most of us try. And unfortunately that backfires and works against us and Christ. We, and I'm talking to myself here, need, must give it ALL to God! Let Jesus truly live in our hearts! Let go and let the Holy Spirit have total control of everything! I'm going to make a statement and I need all of you readers to keep me accountable! From this point froward I'm going to make an even greater conscious effort to let go of self and give the Holy Spirit full reign of me, binding satan and his demonds with the blood of Jesus! I'll keep you posted via this blog!!! :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

1Corinthians 15...camping out

Well, I've sort of been camping out in this chapter in 1 Corinthians 15. There's so much to digest. Vs 1-11 talks of Christ's resurrection. Read the chapter, very slowly and ask God what He wants to say to you. I'll be back to explore what God is saying to me. It would be great to have some feedback. :)