Saturday, November 26, 2011

Waiting on you Lord!

What's next Lord? I'm afraid to move forward, to go out of my comfort zone. So much work to be completed here at home, at work, so much to do. How can I take on anything else? I'm frozen in my steps. I'm reminded of the time in grade school. It was recess and everybody played on the monkey bars. They would climb to the top and crawl over to the other side then slip down through the bars swinging to the ground. It looked like so much fun. I wanted to do it so badly. Finally one day at recess I took a deep breath and climbed all the way to the top. I made it all the way, sitting on top of the monkey bars, high above the playground. I looked down, BIG mistake. I froze. I started crying. I couldn't move a muscle. One of the teachers came over and had to help me down, so carefully and gently. Yes, that's how it is with JVR. I'm so excited, I want to move ahead and get my hands involved in this ministry. This God directed ministry. But I'm frozen. I don't know what to do next. I can't move a muscle. So, Holy Father in Heaven, pry my hands off the bars and help me down...oh so ever gently. Show me my next step.

To Courtney in Oki...comment on It's the Holidays

So sorry about your scrapbooking paper! But so glad you found some replacements. Kids are such a wonderful blessing, but sometimes they get a bit challenging. That's okay, they're worth it...and something my mom says is so true...what goes around comes Glad your Thanksgiving dinner went so well. And you all looked so happy and good the other day! Tell the babies I gave them each a kiss today. (Our cave picture is on my computer and I kissed each one! :)) Keep blogging! I love it!

I just posted this blog because for some reason I can't comment on your blogs. What am I doing wrong?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving this week.

Thanksgiving is around the corner! This week to be exact. It's also my hubby's birthday. Then just 6 days later, it's my daughters birthday.  I'm so excited because Christmas is only a month away, I just love Christmas, in fact I'm listening to Christmas music right now. But as excited that I get I'm reminded that this time of year is not happy for eveybody. There are people like my sister-in-law who dread this time of year. This Thanksgiving marks the day my sister-in-law lost her son to a hunting accident. I have two sons who we won't get to see this season, one with his wife and children, the other by himself somewhere out at sea while his lovely bride is home alone. But I must say...God is Good! :) God is in Control! :) and God Loves us all! :) My heart goes out to the homeless, sick, lonely, but most of all, those who don't know God! Jesus! the Holy Spirit!

Monday, November 7, 2011

JVR...The Story: I am so excited! I just finished a full weekend of...

JVR...The Story: I am so excited! I just finished a full weekend of...: I am so excited! I just finished a full weekend of Mission Fairs. I went to four different churches. My booth’s purpose was to educate peopl...
I am so excited! I just finished a full weekend of Mission Fairs. I went to four different churches. My booth’s purpose was to educate people about the Cooperative Program, teamwork among Southern Baptists to fund Missionaries around the world and share God's truth to everybody. But my booth was the least exciting. There were missionaries representing other countries, states, ministries, including local ministries. To see all the people walk by and to experience the excitement in the air was at the least, an exhilarating experience. The experience inspired me to write an additional 1300 words for the book, JVR...the Novel. And that was only during an hour of free time. The rest of the words are sweltering inside of me just yearning to get out. In fact, so much so, my hands can’t' write fast enough. One of the things I learned this weekend was that I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I loved every moment of the Mission Fair. Everybody did so much work; each church was unique yet equally wonderful. No doubt in my mind that God's word did not go out in vain. My continued prayer is that God will use my passion of writing to share His truth to people and generations, that I can’t even imagine possible.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November "Write a Novel Month"

It's three days in now and all I have is just under 800 words. The challenge is to write 50,000 words by the end of November, over 1600 a day. Well, I'm not going to win that challenge, but it's okay. I'm excited about what God is doing in my life. Every day in the little things, big things, life around me, so much to glean from. It seems as though life is getting louder. Like my ears are picking up more sounds, words, feelings, than ever before. When I hear sirens my heart always skips a beat. But now it just doesn't make my brain race to locate a mental picture of where all of my children and husband are, but then my heart goes out to the families, people involved. God puts a prayer in my spirit for whoever it may be that may be hurting. The prayer requests seem to be coming in quicker than I can process. When somebody mearly says 'okay' when asked how they are my antenna goes up to what they might be grieving over. How I get overwhelmed at the needs. I love to write encouragement cards and letters. My intentions are good, but not good enough. I guess my thinking is if I can write books that can encourage thousands of people, what better way to use my passion than that? Back to the challenge, it will definitely take me longer than a month to write JVR...the Novel, but write it I will! All to the Honor and Glory of God! Because without that, it has no meaning at all.