Monday, November 7, 2011

I am so excited! I just finished a full weekend of Mission Fairs. I went to four different churches. My booth’s purpose was to educate people about the Cooperative Program, teamwork among Southern Baptists to fund Missionaries around the world and share God's truth to everybody. But my booth was the least exciting. There were missionaries representing other countries, states, ministries, including local ministries. To see all the people walk by and to experience the excitement in the air was at the least, an exhilarating experience. The experience inspired me to write an additional 1300 words for the book, JVR...the Novel. And that was only during an hour of free time. The rest of the words are sweltering inside of me just yearning to get out. In fact, so much so, my hands can’t' write fast enough. One of the things I learned this weekend was that I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I loved every moment of the Mission Fair. Everybody did so much work; each church was unique yet equally wonderful. No doubt in my mind that God's word did not go out in vain. My continued prayer is that God will use my passion of writing to share His truth to people and generations, that I can’t even imagine possible.


  1. That sounds like so much fun deb! I wish we could have gone to this. And also, wow, I love that you are still continuing with the writing. To be honest, the writing of my novel has hit the back burner. I just can't get past the character development part. I have all these ideas in my head, and actually putting the sentences together, for me is the hardest part. Maybe writing the novel will have to take me awhile, but I hope to have it finished before my birthday. That is my new plan :]

    Love you so much!

  2. Oh, I definately won't get a Novel written in one month. But it's a great way to get the ball rolling. I'm excited that you have a Novel in mind. The hardest part is puting it in writing. I find it best to just start writing, anything, and then it just flows. I think you have a wonderful plan. It took me two years to write the Novel I do have, and it still needs revisions. Go girl! Go!