Thursday, November 19, 2015

Winter is Here the Synopsis

Eva, a 64 year old woman working an office job as an official of the environment squadron of the Government is challenged to write a forbidden book under cover. The setting is 2064, in a climate controlled city. Eva lives in one of the rare 150 year old homes that has been grandfathered into the new technology apartment complexes. One of her co-workers, Mango is a spy after Eva’s job trying to catch Eva in illegal action. The government controls Christian activity so Eva needs to make sure all of her known Christian activity is approved by the government and all of her unknown Christian activity is well hidden. Eva has an old friend that lives in a self contained guarded Christian Community located on the outskirts of the city called the Eagles Nest. Her friend, Eily owns this community and has opened it to all Christians wanting to hide away from the government. Eily was able to be grandfathered in by owning all the property when the government took over the banks. Eagles Nest seems nonthreatening to the government at this time. But if the government were to find out that the community had it’s own guard that secretly scanned for marked individuals it would be shut down and taken over immediately. Eily gives Eva a challenge to write a biography book about five women who were involved in the ministry Eily started over 50 years earlier. One of the five women happens to be Eva’s mother. These journals explain a real time ministry networking with CWJC and other community helps to bring women and then children close to God and a help to their family and community. Each journal, although fiction, explains each phase and action of JVR, a networking ministry.

Eva accepts the book challenge and confides in a Book clerk named Eddie who owns the antique book store. This is a very rare store that sells old books, journals, pens, and other writing accessories. He also helps people who still write illegal books and sells them under ground. He is not a Christian, but does not believe in the government ways. The people he works with are a mixture of rebels and Christians. Eva takes her chances getting involved with Eddie, but feels he’s her only hope to accomplishing her feat. Eva confronts several close calls and decides to finish her book while on vacation under the protection of Eagles nest. But when she goes home after her vacation Eva finds her apartment ransacked and is scanned by a robogaurd.

Panicked, Eva runs back to the Eagles nest barely getting in the gate before being locked down. Margo tries to get in only to sound the alarm which shuts Eagles nest down by activating the overhead armor cover and surrounding gates. Sounds of the old 1940 air raid sirens filled the air along with zombie like people by the thousands trying to enter Eagles Nest. After a week of activity the nest went back to its peaceful quiet fortress. After several weeks of solitude, the Eagles Nest alarm sounds off while being broke into by the government, All the residents of Eagles nest run underground to meet with other groups from around the world. They are in pursuit by the government, and always seem to be only a few steps ahead.