Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To wear a hat or not too?

Hahaha! Funny title for a bible study topic! Well, if you are reading this and know me, you'll know how I love hats. 1 Corinthians 11 talks about head coverings. Remember years ago when men took off their hats when they went into a church? And remember when women always wore hats in church? Well I always wondered about that. It's funny that this scripture talks about this. For real! Paul talks about how head coverings symbolizes a Divine order. I can see where people get men shouldn't have long hair from this passage. I also see where people get the idea that women should have long hair. Pretty interesting. But this is all it is, a comparison, a symbol. Verse 13 says to judge among yourself. This chapter also goes into taking the Lords supper in a worthy manner. I think before any of us judge anybody we have a lot of self judging to do. I'm so glad our God is a Holy God! I'm not worthy to any of His greatness!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Judge or to be Judged?

Oooops, what a touchy subject. Yes, and even more so is what I just read in the Bible. If only we Christians, our churches would read I Corinthians 5 over and over. Like when we home-schooled our boys, and made them write...I will not hit my brother... 100 times. Read it and see if you're understanding it the same way I am. It actually says we, Christians are not to even eat with...no, not unbelievers, but fellow believers that are in sin. No, not fellow believers that are struggling, trying to work out their sins.(aren't we all) No, not fellow believers that make mistakes. (don't we all) But fellow believers that are in sin and give excuses for it, or think it's okay for them, or even deny it? And this chapter also says to associate freely with non-believers. Yes, those in sin. The same sin that fellow believers may be in. Whoa, you say. I didn't say to condone the sin, or engage the sin, but to associate with the non-believers freely. How can we, children of God be witnesses to the world if we hide from the non-believers? And how can we, children of God be witnesses if we associate with fellow believers who think they are okay to sin? Hmmmm. A little confusing. A little controversial. A little riskay! Read the chapter and share your thoughts.