Saturday, October 29, 2011


So I just wrote an email to the author Karen Kingsbury. I realize that I probably won’t get an answer. If I do, it’s probably from her assistant or someone similar. That’s okay, because I was being obedient to God. Just the act of writing it has inspired me. I was also able to look on her website. She has all kinds of helpful information for new writers like me. My daughter-in-law gave me the best tip. November is Novel writing month, a link for this challenge. Am I up for it? I don’t know, but I’m pumped! J The book, JVR I’ve been working on is in a non-fiction form. I have over 10,000 words so far. But an idea came across my mind. What if, I write the book JVR as a fiction novel? I can actually have characters interacting with the ministry JVR and show what it’s capable of. This makes more sense doesn’t it? I mean who do I think I am writing a how to book on something I haven’t done myself? But if I put the ministry in detail to work with fictional characters…what genius! How exciting! So revolutional! God thank you! You are so good! You are so…so…so…God!!! J Is it okay to put smiley faces in a blog? Hey, I was using smiley faces before blogs, face book, texting…before technology. So, I was going to start my second novel, the senior year of the Teen Age Dyslexic for the November Novel challenge. But, now I think I’ll change it to a novel about JVR. I’ve got the back ground, now I just need to build my characters and build the story. The fun part.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Something Needs to be Done!

I listened to a coworker today, spilling out her soul. She’s struggling with her elderly parents, her father who has Alzheimer’s and her mom who’s overwhelmed with it all. If that’s not enough, she’s a mother of a nine year old and legal guardian of her older sister, 58 who has a mind of a simple 8 year old. While struggling to get her parents in a supportive home, she’s interrupted by an urgent situation that needs her immediate attention. Her sister needs to be moved to a more secure home immediately. While searching for a home she finds that there are no such things any longer. The funding for such homes has been used up. Some counties still have some funding for now, and her county happens to be one of them. So for now, her sister has a place to stay.
While searching for this home she found out that if a person is mentally handicapped and is not able to live by their self or with a family member; they end up homeless or in prison. After a while the homeless will do something illegal so they’ll get caught and go to prison. There they have a warm dry place to sleep and three meals a day. And yet, many are living off the system, misusing it.
I get so worked up when I hear these things. My mind automatically goes to trying to think of ways to fix the system. As I’m listening to the pain in my coworkers voice, my mind races through thoughts of how can this be corrected, how can this be turned around? I know that the government should not be expected to take care of our problems. In fact I’m a firm believer that our government helps way too much. If the government pulled out of all financial help, food stamps, unemployment, Medicare, everything…we would have to step in and help pick up the pieces. Our churches would have to step up to the plate. But is that a bad thing? Really?
If our government gets back to what a government does and lets the churches and people do what they do, I think our national debt would be something of the past. And I think the only people that would be complaining would be the ones who misused the system in the first place. I’m not saying it would be easy. Everybody would feel the pain. But in the long run, in the end, wouldn’t we depend on each other more (and most importantly…God?) and wouldn’t that help bring families and churches together? I wonder?
All I know for sure is that the government system is not working! And the government has been out of money for a long time. It’s not getting any better. Not only is the government getting deeper and deeper into debt, but the American dollar is losing value as you read this. If this keeps up, America will be homeless! This is what JVR is all about! Helping the people! Sharing the truth!