Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spiced Citrus Lentils with Rainbow Chard and Cranberries

Yep, I know what you're thinking. This one really doesn't look too great! But trust me it's delicious and smells wonderful as well. Now I'm not a fan of the clementines, but picking those out was an easy job. Two new ingredients, rainbow chard and oat groats? I still don't know what oat groats are, but they make a very tasty dish.

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Creamy Polenta with Awesome Bolognese

Not bad at all. Made with Seitan and Polenta, I questioned the dish while I was making it. But taste, pretty good. Pretty simple to make as well.

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Crisp Rutabaga Rosti with Garlicky Balsamic Spinach

Who would've thought I'd be eating wilted spinach with vinegar? Not to mention Rutabaga? If somebody else would've set this dish in front of me, I would not have eaten it. Yet, mmmmmm, so good! I even loved the spinach. This spinach is made with balsamic vinegar and fresh garlic slices. Makes all the difference in the world. The Rutabaga with quinoa also has a very fresh and pleasing taste.

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Lunch on my own

A fresh tortilla, black beans, humus, and avocados. A fast a tasty vegan lunch to go.

Vietnamese Soup with Yuba, Fresh Pinapple, and Crisp Shallots

To be completely honest my first response to this week's menu selection, was 'YUCK'. But I will confess that while preparing this dish and working with the ingredients, I was very impressed. Never would I have even tried this recipe if not for the Purple Carrot. But it was delicious! I am having so much fun learning to cook and eat new things. The best part are the smells. The aroma coming from these meals are more wonderful than I could ever imagine.

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Kabocha-Apple Shawarma with Cilantro-Parsley Zhoug

That's right, I can't pronounce it. In fact most of the meals I've been preparing has been so unique, both in pronunciation and taste. Awe, but don't let these menu's fool you! this was just the best tasting and smelling dish ever. And very easy to prepare. Never had or even hear of Kabocha Squash before. And the tortillas, what a wonderful way to make these. They have such a crisp toasted fresh taste. All it is is brushing one side with a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. Folding the tortilla over, let set and then baking in the oven to crisp and puff them up.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes with Sunflower-Miso Slaw

Now, this one. Well...I'll never eat sweet potatoes the same again. Japanese sweet potatoes are the bomb! So far this is my favorite meal from Purple Carrot. 6 out of 6 winners!

The only complaint I  have is that there just wasn't enough!

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Broccoli Frittata with Mesclun Salad

What an adventure this is. Who would've thought introducing new foods could be an adventure. Pretty tasty. The dressing was very light and fresh. The Frittata could've been made of eggs if I didn't know better. So far, five out of five. Can't do better than that.

#carrottalk @purplecarrotxo

Garlicky Greens Curry

I was amazed at the great taste of this meal. Whole garlic cloves, mustard greens, curry, curry leaves, dates and coconut milk. The smell of this delicious dish made my mouth water. I do have to admit, I'm not crazy about the mustard greens. It was very good, but I guess I'll have to get use to the flavor of the mustard greens.

All in all, very good. #carrottalk @purplecarrotxo