Thursday, June 26, 2014

Right or Wrong? God's the judge, not us.

Romans 14...this chapter has been a theme of my years as Christian. I've used it to explain why I do and why I don't do what I do. I've used it to teach our kids and the youth and teens I've worked with in church. Yet this morning as I read these verses again, a lightbulb went on in my brain. We, Christians are each made different, at different levels of maturity, made for different purposes, have different spiritual gifts and personalities. Why should we judge others for what God tells us? is the kicker that I've struggled with my whole spiritual life, why should I feel guilty for doing something I feel is okay with God, and why should I feel pressured refraining from something God has told me to refrain from? I've always tore hard not to judge others, sometime not so successful. But one thing is for sure, I shouldn't have to fight others, especially other Christians to defend what I feel God is telling me. This chapter helps me realize that's relationship with God is what is important and only by listening to Him will I know what is right or wrong for me. I must trust and have faith. He'll tell me when I'm doing wrong, He always has and always will. That is if I keep in His word and prayer! For anything that is against the Bible is definitely wrong, and there's no questioning it. That's why relationship is where it's at, not religion.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quiet time important?

Romans 12 today, as of right now, this is my favorite bible chapter. As I sit here and read and meditate on this scripture. As I listen to the birds singing this beautiful sunny morning. As I drink my tea while the rest if the family sleeps. This is my favorite bible scripture. What a way to be, loving and kind and obedient. If only I can keep this attitude and state of mind when faced with a coworker who picks and picks. A day where I'm being pulled in every direction expected to meet all needs only to mess up in the simplest deed. When a nice chewy chocolate chip cookie is waved under my nose. When I'm too tired to exercise or read my bible. When somebody hurts me or my family member. When I want to talk about somebody in a negative way, then is when I need to remember this chapter. This is one reason it's so important to keep in Gods word and prayer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The pitcher and the potty pot

Romans 9:20-21
Reading this scripture this morning about the potter creating whatever he wants brings to mind a potty pot. The ones that were used back before toilets. We, myself included tend to complain about who we are, out abilities, talents, purpose in life. Do we realize that we insult God, our Heavenly Father when we complain about what we look like or what we're capable of doing? A potter makes a pitcher to hold drinks. This pitcher is pretty, actually pretty fancy. To be used to serve in the kings palace. It's not only useful but attractive as a Decor for the dinning room. A show piece. This same potter makes a potty pot. Plain and simple. It's use is just as important, yet not a show piece and definitely not a piece you'd want out on display. Is one any less important than the other? Would you use the pitcher as a potty pot? How about a potty pot as a pitcher? Let me end with that visual. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why Eat Healthy? Why Give your all to God?

This was yesterday's thought. I had it in my journal but neglected to post it in this blog.

The Healthiest people still get deadly diseases. Strong dedicated Christians still have tragic things happen. Then why? Why even bother? 

Taking care of yourself definitely keeps a person from quite a few illnesses and mishaps. Being a committed Christian with a strong relationship with Christ definitely keeps a person out of quite a few mishaps and troubles. 

But we all know that bad things happen to good people. We all know people who just didn't 'deserve' the tragic happening. 

But this world is fallen and it rains on both the just and unjust. Bad things will happen to good people. But if those good people are strong in The Lord and strong physically they will make through those tragic happenings so much easier and come out on the other side even stronger and better. How Awesome is that? None of us are immune to what this world has to offer us. So why don't we snuggle under our Fathers wing. 

Dead to sin, alive to God

That's the title to Romans 6 in my bible. The woman's study bible nkj.
This chapter has the verses that sound very confusing. But when pondered upon, I get it. I can't say I understand it well enough to explain. But I get it deep down in my soul. 
In verse 12 and 13 don't obey lusts of the body but present ourself to God as being alive from the dead.
It gives a new perspective to my attitudes and daily decisions. I won't look at things the same way again. 

Verse 23 says it all. Why would anybody not want eternal life?

I just love how Gods word comes alive! No matter how many times I read the same verses God speaks to me at the heart and soul! Our Holy Heavenly Father is the most awesome Dad!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Live in the Moment

As long as your eyes are on Jesus! After reading Acts 27 and 28 talks about Paul's experience as a captive, on a boat, in a shipwreck, stranded on an island, and brought to Rome to face yet another trial. What an example this man is. Of course there's the obvious that's preached about around the world, but what stuck me was how he lived in the moment, one day at a time, always seeking and doing God's will, sharing with all who'd listen. He didn't complain and whine about his circumstances, he used them. He used them to honor God! and no matter what happened he gave Honor and Glory to God. I look at myself and wonder...why do I let life get to me? It's all about God. If it's all about God, He'll take care of us no matter what. If it's not all about God, better re-adjust the view. With Christ...Live in the moment!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Putting a Puzzle Together Upside-Down

We learned about I Samuel 13: 8-14 today in Children's Church. I say we because I learn just as much as the children, if not more. One of the projects was to make their own puzzle by coloring one side of an 8 x 10 piece of paper, tearing it into pieces, turning it upside down and then moving it to their neighbor. They then had 60 seconds to put the puzzle together upside-down. Then, they were to turn the puzzle pieces over and again they had 60 seconds to put the puzzle pieces together. It was a fun project and the object was to see that it is much easier to put a puzzle together when we see what we're working with. Of Course God knows the whole picture, past, present, and future. He sees everybody and everything involved inside and out. We have no idea and must trust God in ALL things. This part of scripture tells us that Saul took it upon himself to offer a sacrifice. He was supposed to wait and let Samuel do this. A simple thing. Nothing wrong with offering a sacrifice. In fact, it's a good thing in the old testament to offer sacrifices. But the point was, Saul was told not to. Because of his disobedience he lost a whole kingdom. One of the children asked, Why wasn't he suppose to offer the sacrifice? Well I'm definitely not a Bible scholar and couldn’t answer her question. But the point wasn't why, it was to obey even if we don't know why. A very valuable lesson.
Case and point: A grade school age child is told to wait in front of school for their mom to pick them up. This child has strict instructions not to take a ride with anybody, but to wait. The mom is running late and a neighbor offers to take this child home. Now this child knows their neighbor and their parents are good friends. Nothing wrong with taking a ride with their neighbor, except of course the mom said not to.
So the child takes a ride with the neighbor. The mom shows up and the child is not there. The mom goes home to find the child at home safe and sound.
What happened? Because of the child's disobedience the consequences were this child did not get to go to grandmas for a week, get to spend time at an amusement park or the water park. The mom was planning to surprise her child by bringing her to meet the grandparents who stopped by on their way to their vacation.

This is a silly illustration, but it's an example of our disobedience to our almighty God who wants the best for us. I'm so grateful God is in control. Please forgive me Lord for not always being obedient. Please help me Lord to always keep my eyes on you and listen to your words of wisdom.

What do others think of me?

Acts 21 to  23

I find it interesting that dealing with Jesus and Paul both men who were responsibe for their release or death couldn't find anything wrong with them, yet they gave into what the people wanted, not wanting the people to be upset with them. How often do I do this? Do I care what others think of me? Do what others think of me guide my decisions? Unfortunately, more often than I'd like to admit the answer to this question is yes. God, Heavenly Father, please forgive me. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit to be strong in Christ to not only do and say what you'd have me to, but to know without question what you want me to say and do. Praise your Holy name!