Thursday, June 26, 2014

Right or Wrong? God's the judge, not us.

Romans 14...this chapter has been a theme of my years as Christian. I've used it to explain why I do and why I don't do what I do. I've used it to teach our kids and the youth and teens I've worked with in church. Yet this morning as I read these verses again, a lightbulb went on in my brain. We, Christians are each made different, at different levels of maturity, made for different purposes, have different spiritual gifts and personalities. Why should we judge others for what God tells us? is the kicker that I've struggled with my whole spiritual life, why should I feel guilty for doing something I feel is okay with God, and why should I feel pressured refraining from something God has told me to refrain from? I've always tore hard not to judge others, sometime not so successful. But one thing is for sure, I shouldn't have to fight others, especially other Christians to defend what I feel God is telling me. This chapter helps me realize that's relationship with God is what is important and only by listening to Him will I know what is right or wrong for me. I must trust and have faith. He'll tell me when I'm doing wrong, He always has and always will. That is if I keep in His word and prayer! For anything that is against the Bible is definitely wrong, and there's no questioning it. That's why relationship is where it's at, not religion.

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