Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dead to sin, alive to God

That's the title to Romans 6 in my bible. The woman's study bible nkj.
This chapter has the verses that sound very confusing. But when pondered upon, I get it. I can't say I understand it well enough to explain. But I get it deep down in my soul. 
In verse 12 and 13 don't obey lusts of the body but present ourself to God as being alive from the dead.
It gives a new perspective to my attitudes and daily decisions. I won't look at things the same way again. 

Verse 23 says it all. Why would anybody not want eternal life?

I just love how Gods word comes alive! No matter how many times I read the same verses God speaks to me at the heart and soul! Our Holy Heavenly Father is the most awesome Dad!

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