Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The pitcher and the potty pot

Romans 9:20-21
Reading this scripture this morning about the potter creating whatever he wants brings to mind a potty pot. The ones that were used back before toilets. We, myself included tend to complain about who we are, out abilities, talents, purpose in life. Do we realize that we insult God, our Heavenly Father when we complain about what we look like or what we're capable of doing? A potter makes a pitcher to hold drinks. This pitcher is pretty, actually pretty fancy. To be used to serve in the kings palace. It's not only useful but attractive as a Decor for the dinning room. A show piece. This same potter makes a potty pot. Plain and simple. It's use is just as important, yet not a show piece and definitely not a piece you'd want out on display. Is one any less important than the other? Would you use the pitcher as a potty pot? How about a potty pot as a pitcher? Let me end with that visual. 

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