Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To wear a hat or not too?

Hahaha! Funny title for a bible study topic! Well, if you are reading this and know me, you'll know how I love hats. 1 Corinthians 11 talks about head coverings. Remember years ago when men took off their hats when they went into a church? And remember when women always wore hats in church? Well I always wondered about that. It's funny that this scripture talks about this. For real! Paul talks about how head coverings symbolizes a Divine order. I can see where people get men shouldn't have long hair from this passage. I also see where people get the idea that women should have long hair. Pretty interesting. But this is all it is, a comparison, a symbol. Verse 13 says to judge among yourself. This chapter also goes into taking the Lords supper in a worthy manner. I think before any of us judge anybody we have a lot of self judging to do. I'm so glad our God is a Holy God! I'm not worthy to any of His greatness!

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