Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving this week.

Thanksgiving is around the corner! This week to be exact. It's also my hubby's birthday. Then just 6 days later, it's my daughters birthday.  I'm so excited because Christmas is only a month away, I just love Christmas, in fact I'm listening to Christmas music right now. But as excited that I get I'm reminded that this time of year is not happy for eveybody. There are people like my sister-in-law who dread this time of year. This Thanksgiving marks the day my sister-in-law lost her son to a hunting accident. I have two sons who we won't get to see this season, one with his wife and children, the other by himself somewhere out at sea while his lovely bride is home alone. But I must say...God is Good! :) God is in Control! :) and God Loves us all! :) My heart goes out to the homeless, sick, lonely, but most of all, those who don't know God! Jesus! the Holy Spirit!

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