Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Give no offense to anything that our ministry may not be blamed.

2  Corinthians 6:3 what a tall order! In today's society, seemingly being harder than ever, darts thrown at known and professed Christians and Christ based businesses, this is a true challenge. We, Christians have quite a burden on our shoulders. We can not possibly handle this alone. And unfortunately most of us try. And unfortunately that backfires and works against us and Christ. We, and I'm talking to myself here, need, must give it ALL to God! Let Jesus truly live in our hearts! Let go and let the Holy Spirit have total control of everything! I'm going to make a statement and I need all of you readers to keep me accountable! From this point froward I'm going to make an even greater conscious effort to let go of self and give the Holy Spirit full reign of me, binding satan and his demonds with the blood of Jesus! I'll keep you posted via this blog!!! :)

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