Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day #5

Isaiah 40:1-5 So why does God have us here in Martinsville? Why did He bring us here? Why did He not let us leave when we tried to? Why did He give me details of JVR over 10 years ago and still nothing? Those questions lurk in my brain every once in a while. But then you answer me, again, so patiently. Thank you Lord for bringing me back to prayer, the very foundation, basis of a relationship and obedience to you Lord. Today's readings talks to me about my need to be serious about prayer for Martinsville and everybody JVR-the Novel will touch. So yes prayer for Martinsville and everything, every living soul that is touched or touches JVR-the Novel here is my prayer for you: 1) Bring conviction to all in Martinsville and all who read and hear about any part of JVR-the Novel that they will put away sin and doubtful habits. That you Lord will direct my pen, word, and witness to this in all I do. 2) I pray that so many people will come to faith in you Christ, that Martinsville and all that are touched by JVR-the Novel will be changed for good for God's Glory. That JVR-the Novel will be known as the life changing book for Gods Glory for communities at a time. 3) Bring me to the next level in your Ministry JVR, to write the blog, book, website, whatever that next step will be-for Your Glory not mine!

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