Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day #12

The Blessings of Obedience John 14:15-23 and Matthew 7:21-27 Obedience is a bad word in our world today. Obedience is a negative word, a word that shows weakness, unhappiness, and control. A child cannot be taught to be obedience without the parent or teacher being accused of abuse. A wife cannot be expected to be obedient without being accused of having a controlling or abusive husband. A man cannot be expected to be obedient without being accused of being a weakling, controlled, or being walked over. So when we hear that God expects obedience, how can we expect our world to embrace this teaching? The problem is the understanding of the word 'obedience' in the way God expects it. God is not a controlling God, we would still be living in the Garden of Eden like robots doing and saying exactly what God wanted us to do or say. Or we would not exist. God has so much for us, so much more than any of us can even comprehend. All He wants is for us to Love. Love Him, His Son, each other. I speak to myself when I ask, what is so hard about being obedient to God? The Holy One! The One who created me, you, our world, our existence. Really, what is so hard about that?

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