Monday, January 23, 2012

Day #14

John 1:35-51 Survey Your World- First let me add on to yesterday's blog, Day#13. At church our pastor talked about who God is and how He is not just a loving God, but He is a Holy Loving God. This is different and so much more than just a loving God. It puts God in a different perspective, well not really a different one, but a more humble one. We mere humans don't really understand what 'Holy' is. Well, I know I don't...really...I just accept it and know that God is God and He can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants. I know that I'm just a little peon, yet so important in His eyes. This is where I get confused or overwhelmed. It seems an oxymoron, yet it makes sense. And I praise God that it does make sense. Today's posting is totally different than what came to me. Today's posting talks about bringing people with you to be disciples of Jesus. What really spoke to me however was the last verse, v 51. The Heavens open up and the angles go to and fro to God and Jesus. If I was to wake up tonight or look up right now and see a stranger I would be so scared. Reading God's word whenever angels appeared they would always start saying, 'fear not'. I use to wonder why anybody would be afraid of an angel. No I shudder to think of having an experience like that myself. Not that it wouldn’t be an honor or exciting, just fearful, at first anyway. When I think of miracles, and angels, and spiritual things, I realize that you God made us out of dust with a breath. And then I realize that you Lord, can take in a deep breath and just as quickly we can all be dust again. But you Lord, chose not to do that. You God gave us another chance; everyone who is alive has another chance. My prayer Lord is to show me, guide me, lay out the path, open the door, let me walk through and keep my eyes on you Lord! Let my hands be yours! My feet yours! My mouth yours! My brain yours! My pen yours!

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