Friday, January 27, 2012

Day #15

Matthew 7:7-11, James 5:13-20 Praying for Those Yet to Believe...Praying for people I know need the Lord is a privilege as well as a responsibility. I know that nothing is more important than salvation. A person can be the wealthiest, happiest most popular person in the world his whole life, but without knowing Jesus as savior that person will live eternity in hell. What is eternity compared to a mere 100 years or so? When I open my eyes and ears I see a whole world of people around me. There are people driving next to me, in front of me, in back of me, around me. There are people walking around me in the stores. There are people calling on the phone selling things, taking surveys. We deal with people every day. When I think of them as real people instead of well, I don't know, instead of obstacles I have to deal with? I realize that I need to be more loving, more caring, more patient, more sharing. I wonder how many people I don't even know that I come in contact with in some way each and every day. How can I share God's truth with them? A smile, and friendly hand, a prayer? It puts a whole new perspective on things. And we're not even talking about people we know or family members. The old saying, I might be the only Jesus a person may see? No, this doesn't mean I have to be perfect, because believe me that will never happen. It means that I am a witness for Jesus, and the character that Jesus has should be reflected through me. If I get angry with the driver next to me, or grumpy with the cashier at the store, or hateful with the telemarketer caller on the other end of the phone, or slam a door on a Jehovah Witness or Mormon at my door, what message am I relaying to those people? Surely not the truth of the Loving Holy Almighty God we serve!

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