Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day #2

Zechariah 1:1-6 What did I just write about? How God speaks in themes in everything around me until I get what He's telling me? Today is about prayer, and wouldn't you know...I just received my lesson for children's church tomorrow and it's about prayer! :) Prayer, what is prayer? Communication with the Heavenly Father. I've always prayed, for as long as I can remember. Before I was a Christian I prayed. Growing up I prayed for school, tests, grades, friends,boys, just about everything. In fact, by time I was a teenager I prayed every night. I was afraid not to pray. I was afraid that if I forgot to pray, bad things would happen. As I became a Christian prayer became a totally new concept. Still talking to God, but now in a true relationship. A relationship that talks back to me too. It hasn't been too terribly long since I struggled with that. And I can't say that I totally understand today, but I have a much better understanding or should I say, peace about it. A few years ago, we had a Bible study at our church, Calvary Heights Baptist in Martinsville. The study was Experiencing God. This Bible study, it's been probably about 14 or 15 years ago, is the one of the best Bible studies I've ever been to. I learned so much. I learned how to listen to God, how to know what He is saying and when he speaks. How to keep my eyes, heart, spirit, mind open to everything around me. You see, God speaks to us in everything! Remember the Bible verse "even the rocks will praise Him"? Luke 19:40 and Isaiah 55:12,even the hills, mountains, trees, animals. They know God because God made them, God made us. So, even though I don't always remember that fact, and sometimes I forget to really listen...Thank you God for speaking to me right now as I write. Praying isn't just bowing your head and talking with God in your mind. Praying can be many different ways of communication. And wouldn't you know, my favorite way is Journaling. Yes many prayers are scattered throughout my journals, notes, blogs. :)

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