Sunday, April 29, 2012

And Your Footsteps were Not Known

Psalm 77: 19...And Your footsteps were not known. As I read the scriptures surrounding this, my mind and eyes keep jumping back to this verse. We see the miracles that God did. We read about them. No wonder God tells His children to teach their children so we don't forget. We don’t know where God leads us, just as the Israelites didn't. Who would've thought they would walk right through the sea? They were in an impossible situation. Trapped, a full deep and wide sea on one side, steep mountains on another, and an army of angry solders coming at them. They were trapped. But even with their complaining, disobeying, and rebellion God provided the way out. Moses stepped out in obedience into the sea with the rod of God as God parted the sea providing dry land, a path to the other side. Not only that but after all Gods' children crossed safely over, He allowed the sea to come crashing down on the enemies keeping the Israelites safe and free. Who does that? Our God that's who. And has He ever let us down? Really? I wonder how many times we panic and take matters into our own hands when God was just at the verge of stepping in and doing what He does best. How many times have we, His children messed up His plan, His provision, just to blame Him for our misfortune? How many times I wonder? I'm sure, too many to count. As always, I'm talking to myself here. God is talking to me. It's quite an eye opener, and writing in my journal is one thing. But blogging actually opens up a whole new dimension of my mind, learning what God is telling me. Pretty cool actually. Give me some feedback. Can you relate to any of this, or am I the only one. Oh, wait...if I'm the only one, don't answer me. I would rather think that nobody is reading this than to think I was the only one. lol

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