Sunday, May 6, 2012

Faith and the three P's

Yes, that's what I said, no typo here! Faith and the three P's. Prayer,Patience and Perseverance!

We are finally, and once again, scheduled to close on our new house tomorrowafternoon. But...It's not over until it's over. (Almost quoted the old saying,"It's not over until the fat lady sings." But I'd sing right now ifthat were true! lol) I'm convinced there's a spiritual war going on about thiswhole moving thing. I'm not even slightly suggesting anything holy on our partwhatsoever! I'm merely stating a feeling and opinion that’s based on this wholemove being ordained by God! I feel such a peace and assurance that this move ispart of God's plan. His plan to move His ministry forward in the town He has strategicallyplaced us in. I've seen every small detail down to the fact that people in thistown know me by name to the huge detail of sending us here 25 years ago, andeverything in-between. I never said, insinuated, or suggested it would be easy! Nope, not at all. In fact I am so very humbled that God chooses to use me inHis huge plan. I'm not the typical missionary person. I have so many flaws and embarrassing actions, thoughts, and words, that a person would question me. Who do I think Iam to be doing God's work? I have no special talents, skills, or gifts to speak of. But then again, I've heard all my life that God uses the weak, the simple, and the plain to accomplish His work. He does this to show His power and Holiness. So I guess that pretty much qualifies me, wouldn't you say! HaHa! If you're reading this please say a prayer that my husband and I will be the light God wants us to be. That satan and his demons will be squashed, boxed in, confused, and pushed away by the Holy Spirit and the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ!That God may once again victoriously be seen! Oh, I pray that everybody, my family, friends, coworkers, people I'll never meet, generations to come long after I'm gone will See God for who He is, the Truth in everything I say, write, do, portray. Quite a tall order, but that is my deepest Hearts Desire!! OH, I think I've swayed off the subject. I was going to erase this, but I feel God wants me to keep it this time. (If only you knew how many times I've swayed off the subject, erase, and refocus!) I better end this blog before I make this a run-on blog! If any of you readers get any kind of revelation, or if God has used this blog to reveal anything at all to you, I would love to hear about it! I love to hear stories of how God is working!

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