Saturday, April 14, 2012

Learning to Blog!

Well, I'm learning! I'm reading TheHuffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging. I've learned almost everythingI know from books. That's so ironic because growing up I didn't like to read at all. Give me a movie over a book any day! It's crazy how we change as we grow old! Well I'm happy to say I'm blogging in the right direction, according to the book I'm reading. And it's answering a lot of questions that I've had. I'm only half way through it, so I'll learn more as I read on. I'm currently reading rule # 5 Own Your Topic. I'm currently doing just that. This Ministry, JVR...CWJC that God spoke to me years ago, is growing up. Rule # 1 Blogoften...I'm having fun at that! Rule # 2 Perfect is the Enemy of Done...Well that's for sure! My blogs are not perfect by any means! And that's the way Ilike to write. No no, not that I like to write 'non perfectly' if that's a word. It's that I love to write but I know my grammar and spelling are, well, let’s just say needs some help. Rule # 3 Write like you speak. Yes I'm writing as my mind that is. I always have things to say in my mind. Not thatanybody really wants to hear. But then again, writing this blog helps me speakmy mind and anybody who is interested can read it, or not. The point is, I do have things to say and I do want to be obedient to God. Well, writing is a way feel most energized, passionate, and encouraging to do just that, be obedient to God. Rule # 4 Focus on Specific Details, well that I need to work on. But the Guide Book to Blogging is helping me with that.

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