Friday, April 27, 2012

...And the Earth Feared and was Still

Psalms 76:7,8 God was angry, the earth feared and was still.
Wow! Do we really get it? His is alive! The earth knows it!
When I read this and the following chapter, 77, I'm reminded of how I would make it through hard, sad, depressing times in my life. There are seasons of life where I would feel alone, afraid, or forgotten. It was during those times that I just took one step at a time, thinking, singing, repeating...Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Holy are you Lord. Listening to Christian music that lifted God up and gave him Glory would fill my mind when I woke up and when I went to bed. Reading His word even when I just went through the motions soothed my soul. God is alive! I remember when my dad was dieing, I had no prayer to pray...numb and blank, yet I felt the Holy Spirit pray for me. God is alive!!

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