Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

My reading today...Psalms 58. This isn't your typical Easter Bible verse and it wasn't planned to I write in my journal what, it became all about Easter. The scripture reminds me of myself and Christians in general. We think we're so good sometimes, but that's when the pride comes in and the attitude takes over. Yes, that's when the judgmental and unforgiving attitudes come into place. That's what tear up families, marriages, relationships, people, ministries. The "attitude" the "religious attitude". We all, as God's children, have had it, I would guess, at one time or another. Some more than others. Today, Easter Sunday, represents the day God's son rose from the grave...resurrected from death! Everybody listen! HE DID NOTHING WRONG! He was falsely accused, abused, and used! He was beaten, humiliated, killed! He was abanded, mocked, tortured! Yet...he willingly, yes...I said willingly! Let it happen! Not only that He asked His Holy Father to forgive US! ALL WHO DID THIS TO HIM! In the midst...the darkest hour He did this! No bitterness toward any of us! No hatred, judgemental thoughts, accusations toward any of us! Only forgiveness! And Grace! And Holy Love! A love that not one of us can know without God! And on top of all of that, after our Heavenly Father sent down His only Son to this earth to be devoured, He left His Holy Spirit to dwell with us here on earth until He decides to come back and snatch us away from this beautiful yet wicked place we call our home, to a place without one spec of evil in the presence of our Holy Father! So, how can we, that have been forgiven of every bad we've ever done or will do will do, judge others. Keep others held up in our walk of bitterness. Shouldn't we love all, forgive all, pray for all and let God handle the judging? We can't do a thing about it but mess it up and make it worse! But God can do all things! Speaking to myself here...let's pray for each other in Gods love and let God do the judging! Let's share Gods Truth and Holy Love...isn't that our job? This said to nobody else but myself. This. Is what God spoke to me in my personal time today. Just sharing.

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