Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Hard Lesson to Practice

Psalm 75...A lesson I'll admit is hard to remember and practice. What helps me is the fact that I hate it when I'm judged by others. V1 We give thanks! V2 God's timing is perfect even if we don't understand or don't think so. V7 God knows all, the heart, the circumstances, the future.

Easier said than done, judging is for God. Especially when a loved one is hurt or the seemingly unjust gets by with something they shouldn't. When it seems unfair or uneven, we thnk we need to step in and help God out. Yesteday at church I realized a new way of thinking. the Pastor said to resign from leadership and let God take charge. The same goes eveywhere, including as a parent. Our relationship with our children, friends, co-workers, family. Take charge of all of them and let us all see "You"!

What helps you keep God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in focus even during the hard times?

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