Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving forward to new opportunities and challenges!

Well, yesterday was the last day in our house of 24 1/2 years. I thought it would be a bitter sweet time. But I was pleasantly surprised when, as I cleaned each room and memories flooded my mind, of how happy and excited I was. In fact I was almost jolly with laughter and excitement. Anticipating the next step in our lives as we're in between houses. Excited because I have such a peace about the whole move and I see God's hand in all of it. I'm learning how to trust in God more everyday. It reminds of how 25 years ago at this same time of year we took a huge step of faith and obedience and moved to Indiana from Missouri. One month we are in Missouri trying to decide what to do and a month later we are in Indiana, jobless, homeless, with three babies. God has blessed us so much through the years and I just cant wait to see what He has in store for us now. And I'm not talking selfishly, I'm talking ministry, sharing His truth and Holy Love with all according to God's perfect plan.

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