Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Job...My Revelation

If you've been following my blogs at all, you'll remember when I said I had a hard time with the book of Job. I've been struggling trying to read through it. I took a short break while reading the Awaken 2012 prayer guide, but now I'm back reading it. I'm at chapter 35. Yesterday during our devotions at work I had a revelation. My light bulb went on. J Job's friends are upset with Job thinking he was saying how he was righteous, and rightly so telling him no man is righteous. But what Job is saying if you read, pray, and listen is through God's son Jesus Christ Job is made righteous. During Job's time they didn't know about Jesus. Jesus hadn't been born yet. Many verses in the Old Testament point towards the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins so we can all be washed in Jesus blood being made righteous so we can spend eternity in Heaven. This is so cool! What a revelation! Now I understand the book of Job so much better. I just love it when God speaks to me and explains His word! J

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