Thursday, February 16, 2012

Job 41 the Leviathan

Cool!!! I remember being told about the dinosaur mentioned in Job, I even think I read this chapter before, but never really got it. But this morning, as I read chapter 41 I began to see a picture of a sea monster in my head. You know the Loch Ness Monster! lol Oh I can hear you readers now, "She's really going off the deep end now!" Well, I'm not talking about some mythical monster; dinosaurs are nothing more than old reptiles, mammals, fish, and birds. The Alligator and the turtle are two modern age dinosaurs. I only know this because my now almost 26 year old son loved dinosaurs. We did research on what the bible says about them. It's pretty interesting actually. The Creation Museum in KY is a great place to learn about dinosaurs. The creation museum answers all of your questions about how the bible and dinosaurs relate to each other. I'm planning to take our grandchildren there sometime, when they're able to come of a visit. I know they'll just love it! Back to the Leviathan...I said earlier in this blog that I didn't think this is a mythical creature. But then again, there are so many things we don’t know, so many spiritual things. There are angles and maybe. Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia? Have you seen Lord of the Rings? It really makes you think doesn't it? Of course no matter what, all the praise and glory go to our Heavenly Father, the creator of all!

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