Monday, February 6, 2012

Day #21

John 4:27-38, Acts 1:8 The Coming Harvest the last day of the Awaken 2012 Prayer Guide. What have I learned? Well, I've learned that I'm more of a sower than a reaper, and that I can't be discouraged. I just need to trust God and obey. I've learned that I need to be more serious about my prayer time and topics. I've learned that I need to be urgent about the need to share God's truth. I've learned that I need to listen and obey God even if others around me have different ideas. That even if I don’t' think I'm good enough or strong enough to do what God is calling me to do; I still need to obey and walk in faith. I've learned that I need to be prepared by studying God's word, praying in God's name, listening to the Holy Spirit, trust, obey, and be willing and ready to move, go, do whatever God is calling me to do. I have the blood of Jesus Christ all over me and am filled with the Holy Spirit. I'm willing, ready, eager, and waiting on God's next step. Lord, Holy God, where do you want me to take my next step?

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