Saturday, February 18, 2012

God's Holiness!

Again, if you've followed my blog, you'll remember how I repeat myself on how God speaks to me in themes. Usually I can figure them out pretty quickly. But the most current theme, I just wasn't sure...until today that is. I've been at the annual Transformed event. The Indiana Women’s Retreat that I've attended every year for the past 18 years I think. It's such a time of spiritual renewal, self evaluation, and...well...just a great big breath of fresh air! I've always been an attendee, and attend I did. I helped with small things, but always made sure I attended all the sessions I could possibly attend. This year, about the end of summer or first of fall, I was sitting on my front porch enjoying the quiet, gentle breeze. Watching the butterflies flutter to and fro around our butterfly bush, God spoke to me. He reminded me of how He took care of me, of how He brought me through some trying times. He reminded me of the very first Women’s Retreat I ever attended. It was in Indiana, but was actually based out of Texas. The logo was a butterfly. What a revelation. God spoke to me so strongly about my own attitudes, expectations of others, my relationship with Him, His Holiness. I still to this day have a card I wrote, with dedications written on it. One of those dedications was to wake up at 5am every morning for my quiet time. (I don’t always make it, but most of the time I do around 5 to 6 or at least some time of the day.) It started out as about 5 minutes, and it was a hard habit to make. But God has blessed me so much through my quiet time and I really do miss it when I skip that precious time alone with my Father. God also spoke to me about all the wonderful things He spoke to me though these conferences. Then He spoke to me again, He said it's time for you to do the sharing and help encourage others. Give back to other women what I the Lord have given you. It was so strong; I had to tell our WMU director. I told Allison, and she didn't really have anything for me to speak on, but I ended up being the money person. I helped with the bags and collecting the money. I wasn't too excited about this; working with money is my job, and not my interest or what you would call my rathers. But, God has used this time to teach me humility, the reality of humans even in a leadership role, and attitude once again. The theme I'm talking about, well it's God's Holiness. I've heard of God's Holiness all my life. I know God is Holy. I've taught that God is Holy. But I'm starting to grasp the true meaning of God's Holiness. It's like I grasp it, then it slips away. Lord, praise your name! Holy is Your Name! Thank you for using me to point others to the truth, the light, you! You are indeed Holy! Beyond our understanding!

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