Monday, February 6, 2012

Day # 20

John 4:28-30, 39-42 A Testimony for Your "Town" Today's devotion is about sharing the truth with your own town. I figure my own town would be my writing audience, if I would have any. I really feel this is where God is leading me, yet I still feel embarrassed that my writing is not professional enough to sell. But, I'm encouraged by something as simple as a TV show. Something I heard just today from one of my inspirational authors, Laura Ingalls Wilder. She wrote a birthday card to her Sister Mary in Brail. The card started off by saying, “I don't have a way with words like you do.” Don't have a way with words, and her books are collector’s items, classics, a TV series, and movies. With our almighty God, all things are possible. So, my prayer is that my writing may prosper as a tool to lead others to Christ. People all over the world and generation after generations until you Lord come back again!

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