Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moving forward, Trusting God, Being Obedient

Still writing. I've been writing long hand, with an actual pen and on actual lined paper. I find that my mind flows more fluently and quickly writing this way. Then I type what I've written in the computer and the ideas continue. Writing is so much fun. I realize that not all people like to write. And I realize that a lot of my writing is just words. But I do so enjoy it. I only hope that someday my writing will encourage people around the world for generations to come. Will make people laugh. Will guide people to the truth. I've entered two additional contests, one short story and one novel. The short story win will get me enough to publish my novel and send me to writing school. The novel win will actually get the novel published. How exciting is that! Of course I mustn’t get my hopes too high. There are so many other writers that have the same dream as I do and are so much better than I am. It's all in God's hands.

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