Sunday, July 22, 2012

So Satan

Cleaning out my purses, moving allows a person to find all kinds of treasures, I came across some notes I made on several pages of 'tea cup' note paper.
November 20, 2006...
A youth minister has sex with his youth...So satan.
A Christian couple divorces...So satan.
A Christian counselor counsels a spouse seeking help to leave the marriage and move on with their own life...So satan.
A child of a Christian home lives a life of the world...So satan.
I've heard it said before, not to give satan so much attention.
But do we give satan enough attention?
Have we gone from one extreme to another?
Have we gone from blaming satan for everything bad to taking satan out of the picture all together?
Do we, our generation of Christians, realize the power of satan and his demons? Everything is so watered down, do we really know or believe the spiritual wars that go on around us? Yes we Christians know God has won! But do we realize how we are facing unnecessary struggles and hardships along the way and effecting the ability to share the truth with those around us? why do we not know this? Why do we put up with worldly views and beliefs? Why do we not pray as we should, as intentionally, earnestly as we should? Why do we feel spiritually mature people are strange and the spiritual evil raging around us is normal? Why? These are more of my 'why' questions.

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