Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quiet Time

Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. We’re moved into our new house now. It’s huge! There’s so much work around here, but it’s ‘fun’ work. I’ve only been writing in my journal during my quiet time. I do miss the writing though, words are overflowing out of my brain screaming to be put on paper! Talking about quiet time…I’ve been thinking about that lately. I remember a few years back when I was constantly trying to make time for a quiet time. Not being a morning person and things taking away all the other time in the day, I struggled for many years trying to make it a priority, a habit, if you will. I found that if I don’t have my quiet time first thing in the morning before everybody else gets up, you might as well forget it. And prayer time? I struggled with this as well.  Trying to work all this out I tried many different approaches. (More about those in a later blog.) But the approach to my quiet time that works best for me? Well, I’ve been reading through my bible slowly from the beginning to the end. I’ve read through the bible a few times, but this time I’ve been working on reading through it so slowly I’m into my second year and only now in Proverbs. I love this approach because I’m really getting to know God in a deeper level. I’m learning more about God, His creation, our relationship, relationship with our families. Reading the Bible this way has opened my eyes to truths I’ve never seen before. Then my prayer time, I’ve learned to write in my journal. That’s how I pray best and I also have a record of my prayers which is so very cool! It strengthens my faith to see this record and how God answers my prayers, sometimes many years later. This is very good, because my memory has its good and bad days, mostly bad as years go by. It also helps me know myself better. I’ve seen through the years how whiney I’ve been, how un-thankful I’ve been at times, and how I need to listen to God better. (If I’d just listened to God in the first place, I wouldn’t have to ask God for help.) I know I’ve said this before, so many times, and I’ll continue to say it! Quiet time is so important! My recommendation to everybody and anybody, quiet time with the Lord!

Take today for a perfect example…I read Proverbs 9…This is part of my journal entry for the day, my conversation with our Lord!

Lord, even Christians today will say, “That’s from the Old Testament and we are living by grace now, New Testament not Old.” Some will say the Old Testament is legalism. The Old Testament is part of the Bible. The living breath. And yes we live by Grace today, but the Old Testament is just as real to us as the New. To read the Old Testament is to really get to know God. Being legalistic is ‘not knowing’ God well at all. If a person has to live by the law without love, that is what I call legalistic. God is Holy Love! By reading the Old and New Testament, the whole bible, we get to know God personally and intimately. Then to spend time with you God daily, strengthens and deepens our relationship. Doing a quiet time, reading the bible, going to church, all these “religious” things may need to be put in place by habit, discipline, planning, determination, but as you do these things you get to know God for who He is! And the relationship grows stronger and deeper, so doing these things become needed, desired, and natural, a part of life, not legalistic and boring. Bible reading and prayer time are one of the most important parts of a Christian life! Without it you can’t grow and you’ll drift away from what is true and Holy. It’s the glue that holds the relationship together, the most precious, important, exciting relationship there is.

This was my journal entry today. And to add to it, when I don’t get a chance to have my quiet time, I know it. My day and attitude show it. No, it’s not a magic happy thing that will make everything good. It’s a relationship, communication with my Heavenly father that helps me be closer to Him and know Him personally! To see things as He sees them or wants me to see them. It’s as precious as, or may I say, more precious than communicating with your spouse, children, parents, best friend.  So don’t be surprised when you read in one or more of my blogs or even one of my Novels or stories, Quiet time is the thing to do!!!!

Share your quiet time stories, both success stories as well as failures. We learn from them both! J

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