Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pulling out of the blaaaahs!

Don't you just hate the blaaahs! September on into October of 2012 has been just that...blaaahh! I having been able to write, feeling old, and well, sorry for myself. You see I had high hopes. I had entered this short story, a true story in fact (with a couple of writers privileged upgrades) in a contest. I was so hopeful. I wanted the $3,000 prize so I could publish my novel. And the trip to New York for a writer’s conference was a wonderful incentive as well. Well, with over 9,500 writers all striving for the same thing, No, I didn't win, another blow to my blaaaahhh time. Well here it is, see for yourself why it didn't win.

Anyway, I need to stop wallowing in my self pity, get up and wipe off the dust. I have to remember that I will write because I love to write and I feel God blessed me with this passion and even if I touch one person with my writing,it's worth so much more than $3,000 or any writer’s conference. So there, I wrote a blog. Thank you for reading it!!! :)

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