Thursday, October 11, 2012

Knowing God

Todays service was out of Titus 1:9-16,2:1 (Sept 9, 2012)

It was a great message! We as Christians need to encourage sound teaching and refute those who counteract it. God is in ALL things. We need to help others seek Gods way, not ours. We need to tell others how good God is, not how bad they are. God blesses me in spite of me, not because of me. If we, God's children show and share love, God's Holy Love with others and let God take care of the rest; wouldn't more people understand and accept Christ as their savior? Christianity I think has such a bad wrap, a bad name, not because of non-believers, but because of Children of God who take it upon themselves to tell others what they should and shouldn't do. We all miss-use the Bible for our own benefit at times, some more that others. I know I have before. That's where a relationship with God comes in, we'll keep learning more and more about Him. I enjoy getting to know Him. Sometimes it's really hard and humbling. Sometimes it's emotional and overwhelming. Sometimes it's just relaxing, peaceful, and refreshing. But always it's comforting, encouraging, and fulfilling. I would Love to hear about your knowing God experiences.

I found this blog I wrote a month ago. I thought I'd go ahead and publish it. Maybe it will encourage somebody.

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