Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Three Chapters..ahead of schedule!

The goal was September 30, 2012...but now, September 4th, the first three rough chapters of the JVR Novel is complete. Yippee! When I say rough, I mean very rough. But the content is there, the spelling, grammar, and person will still need to be ironed out. Now I get to move on to the next three chapters. My goal for the second three chapters will be February 28, 2013. These next three chapters are going to be a bit more difficult, but challenging. I'm going to need to spend time interviewing and researching. I'm getting so excited just writing about it. I guess I'm a nerd...but it makes my day to know that just maybe, someday, a book I've written can make a positive difference in people’s lives. That what I write will encourage, share the truth, maybe even save somebody's life, both physically and spiritually. That's exciting! But I can’t do anything without God's hand, guidance, direction, and wisdom in it all.

The first three chapters introduce five scenarios, the JVR director, the day care, mentors, as well as the ministry.

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