Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Above it All

As I'm flying home from a wonderful two weeks of family time, the clouds remind me of a lesson I learned only a few years ago. I look out over the fluffy sea of clouds stretched out to the horizon only to be framed by an edge of peachy pink as the sun disappears. Peaceful and unaware of what's going on below. Above it all. We have to come down. Down in the midst of "life". Where it's not always so peaceful and quiet. It reminds me of the weekend retreats I've been to, the week long camps, the quiet times spent alone in prayer with our savior. The feeling of peace, quietness...Above it All! Then one step into reality, life hits hard. I read a Facebook status today, it said something like, if your always upset about something your not trusting God. I also remember a saying...Don't be so heavenly minded that your no earthly good. It's just a wonderful time being in the presence of God! It encourages growth and closeness to our Heavenly Father. I just have to remember that just because life hits us on the face doesn't mean God leaves us. In fact it's a growing and learning experience we can use to grow even closer to God. So my prayer as we descend below the clouds, Lord I give it all to you! All is yours! Use me as you want. Let my mouth be yours, my feet be yours, my attitude be yours. Speak through me. Be in my thoughts up front and first before any negative thoughts or attitudes come into play.

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