Monday, December 26, 2016


Releasing November's post...
Well, lets see. What does California make me think of?
*Finger printing. I've been finger printed 4 times already this year.
*"U" turns! Yes people make them all over! Including us! Signs encouraging them here!
*Short merge lanes! Better be quick! And better watch the mergers!!
*The flatness and dirt and vast emptiness.
*The FOG-Today November 7,2016 God  showed up once again! He watches over us without us even knowing! This morning I went to work 45 minutes earlier than normal. I'm  at work at 5:45 am! This is a very unusual event for me, the timing was God inspired. As I drove into the parking lot of my place of employment, I could not see my hand in front of me. I took the wrong entrance into the parking lot and, I don't use this word loosely, BLINDLY drove to my parking spot. The fog was just rolling in, and if I would've drove in at my scheduled time, I would've been on the highway. One of my co-workers, who is "use" to the fog here, told me this fog made her nervous!
*People everywhere! I'm talking, when shopping at Walmart, its a drive by shopping experience. You have your list in one hand, know your store, and grab your item as you push your cart by. IF you stop you'll get trampled! I'm totally serious here! While at Costco waiting for a yummy sample with two four years-olds in the cart trying to be patient, I had to wait for the sample cart to be refilled three times! And we were first in line! In order to get a sample I had to literally push in front of the other people and grab the samples!

Don't get me wrong, I do love it here in California. It's beautiful, and the people are actually nice. It's culture shock from a mid-westerner. Just need to learn the ropes!

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