Sunday, June 26, 2011

JVR…The Story…Set Up

Hello all fellow bloggers! Please be patient and gentle with me, I'm new at this blogging. Although I love to write, my grammar and spelling needs mega help. Though the spell and grammar check really help, I still tend to trick the computer at times with some good ones. I welcome all the advice and direction I can get on this blogging thing. It's supposed to be a helpful writing exercise, and I need all the exercise I can get! (Physical too! Lol)

I'm working on my second book, JVR. My first book isn't published yet, but it's only been completed for a year now. I hear it's really hard to get books published these days. For the book I'm writing at the present, I have the chapter outline, the title and about 10,000 words written. I actually just spent the last couple of hours learning how to set up the table of contents in Word. It's really cool though. I've cleaned up what I have so far by making all the chapter headings as Heading 1, the title as Book Title, and fixing the headers and footers to show differently on the first page. Inserting the table of contents is really fun, once I figured it out. Now the numbers change as I write and I can just click on the chapter I want and I get right to the page without having to scroll down. It'll make my life a lot simpler. I'm writing this book in, what I call sandwich minutes. Sometimes I get an hour or two like tonight, but most of the time I get a few minutes here and there. (A break at work, in the car, during lunch, while waiting for an appointment, while cooking dinner, wherever and whenever I can type a few words.)

Well, it's getting late, and while I'm a boomerang empty nester, I still have to get my sleep and take care of my husband. (Boomerang Empty Nester: An empty nester whose grown children keep coming back. J ) Until the next Blog…God Bless All You Readers!

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