Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lose 55 by 55 self challenge

Lose 55 by 55 self challenge didn't go over very well. My 55th birthday is less than a week away and all I accomplished was to relocate the weight to my mid section. So frustrating. I even started a challenge at work to drink 50 oz of water a day and walk 15 minutes a day. I can't even do that! I get so frustrated with myself. I can go on and on with excuses and I use to's, and the why's of the need for health. But it doesn't change the facts. It's been three months since I've even blogged. Well, life goes on with or without us. I'm still here blessed as ever. God is still using me even though I'm not the easiest person to use. So I'm thinking if I do what I need to do, post my food and exercise diary like I said I was going to do, maybe it would help. If I knew I was being accountable to somebody and saw my choices good and bad on paper maybe I would make better choices. The apps are nice but I think if I stick to simple journaling I would be more apt to stick with it. We'll see. Today is Saturday July 4 2015 and I will start now.

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