Sunday, April 14, 2013

Make every second count!

Our lives get out of control sometimes, don't they? We get so wrapped up in our daily lives we forget to enjoy each and every second of each and every day! Time goes so fast, speeding up faster every day! Never to return again...yesterday is gone forever! Recently we found out that Gary (my husband) has a severe leaking heart valve along with a partially blocked artery. God is so amazing! What is life threatening, was caught before irreversible damage could happen. He is scheduled to have open heart surgery on May 13, 2013. Prayers are definitely welcome and encouraged! But, he is healthy and is expected to recover quickly and to feel better than he's felt in a long time. Funny how life sneaks up on you. He didn't even realize he was feeling badly. The initial shock was enough to bring me back to treasuring each moment. I linger with each kiss. Cuddle a little longer. Snuggle closer with each hug. I depend more on God for strength and courage, and look towards the future with a fresh new outlook. I'm thankful to have a wonderful husband and family! God has definitely blessed me! I have no complaints. Many people have gone through, and are going through much worse, this I do know. I'd be deceiving myself if I'd say I wasn't scared. I have to be strong for Gary and my kids and grandkids. But it is scary to think of what could happen. I know God is in control, in charge, and whatever happens HE will hold us and be with us like He always does and has. Again...your prayers are appreciated!

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