Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moving forward with the Novel

I've written 976 words today bringing the total to 1,623. I started this new Novel about JVR the first of November with the Write a Novel in a Month bit. Well, I didn't write a Novel in a month, but it did inspire me to go a different direction with JVR. I'm excited because this Novel will bring life to JVR. It will show what JVR looks like from a clients prospective, while giving detail on how to start a JVR in any community. So cool, I'm having fun with it. Unfortunatley I only get small bits of time, but that's okay. I wrote my fist Novel like that, it took me two years. Speaking of that, I'll need to do some editing of my first Novel and try to get it published again. Have some ideas, just need to put it on paper. Need to go, need to do housewife work...:)

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